Eat Greek For A Week

In Eat Greek for a Week, I will show you how the culinary wonders of Greece can lead to a happy, healthy and rewarding diet. I’ll take you on a journey across my homeland and

Cooking with Paul Hollywood

Tonia’s was cooking with good friend Paul Hollywood on his series Paul’s Pies & Puds. She will also be on his new series Paul’s Family Feast to be filmed in the Spring:

What I’m Up To

So I have had some really interesting collaborations lately. I am working very closely with Total Yogurt, they really are THE best Greek yogurt there is! I have been working on new recipes for them,

Thank You Wilton’s

Can I say a big thank you to Wilton’s Patisserie for hosting my book signing on Friday it was great. On Sunday I was at St Nektarious’s Church in Battersea, WOW can I say how

Book Signing at Wilton’s

Tonia will be signing books this Friday 9th November at Wilton’s Patisserie in Southgate. You can buy your book there, get Tonia to sign it. It makes a great Christmas Present.

Book Review

Growing up with a Cypriot grandmother has its perks when it comes to good grub. Born and raised in Lûricina, my grandparents came to England with a mission to teach their cuisine through a mix

Book Signing

Can I say a huge Thank you to Aroma Patisserie for hosting my book signing on Sunday. And an even bigger THANK YOU to all of the people who came to buy books and get

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