Tonia Buxton is a Presenter, Historian, Writer, Gourmet Cook and Beauty Expert which she balances with being a wife and mum to four children!

Tonia is the presenter and producer of The Discovery Channels’ award winning series My Greek Kitchen. The series was such a success for the channel that she went on to make series 2 of My Greek Kitchen and a further series, My Cypriot Kitchen. The series has received global acclaim and are shown in 30 different countries.

Tonia is the face of Greek and Cypriot cooking to the world, she receives emails & request from New Zealand to Kazakhstan from Hong Kong to Australia! She is very proud to be the Ambassador of Hellenic cuisine globally.

Tonia is passionate about Greek food having done her apprenticeship from a very young age in her Mother’s kitchen and believes Greek food is a big undiscovered secret!

She has written for many years on healthy eating and mood foods and she has her own regular newspaper column. Tonia is in the process of marketing her own ‘Medicinal Soup’ range, and has just finished writing her Greek Cookery Book, ‘Tonia’s Greek Kitchen’which will be available from October 2013. Her TV series ‘Beauty and the feast’ is shown on UK Food, and around the world.

She is thrilled to currently be developing her own food range with a major supermarket which should be on their shelves at the tail end of next year!

Tonia has written a book on pregnancy ‘Have a Baby & Look Better Than Ever’. It is a very practical book but also it is about how pregnancy can be the beginning of a good body NOT the end. It encompasses all aspects of pregnancy: mentally, physically & spiritually. Channel Health in conjunction with the NHS made a series of programmes with Tonia on educating mothers on how to have healthy pregnancies.

A qualified nutritionist, Tonia enjoys the challenge of changing people’s lives through their food. By showing how to feed your body not your stomach, she will show you how to get more energy, sex drive, youthfulness and happiness. With the help of her beauty & fitness expertise, Tonia can really transform your life!

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