Hello from me….

I have hit 50 and I’m just not ready just not ready! I thought I would be old at 50 & ready to put on my slippers, relax let my hair go grey & get fat…… finally relax. That has not happened, in fact the opposite, I feel the need to stay vibrant & relevant & to fight to keep aging at bay, I try & eat clean & not drink too much…. except for the days I really fancy a few gin cocktails & some seriously dirty food!

What is the right fashion for my age? The right hairstyle, when I was in my early 20’s I thought you had to cut your hair in your 30’s or else you would look like mutton, and never wear short skirts. But I like fashion and having fun with it, even if I look a bit strange sometimes and embarrass my children.

Tonia's love for food...

Tonia has been immersed I food from a young age, from the forced apprenticeship in her Mum’s kitchen where she started to understand the power of good food. She went on to develop a modern healthy European cuisine and cooked in a gourmet chalet in France, but her real love is Greek, Cypriot & Mediterranean food.

Tonia has become the face of Greek food and culture. Her RTS award winning show ‘My Greek Kitchen’ has had to successful series and then extended to a series called My Cypriot Kitchen. The series are a global phenomenon, shown on The Discovery Channels Real Time, Travel & Living and Home & Health. It is presently being shown on the Together Channel. Then it aired, it as The Discovery Channels flagship show. The Independent newspaper said ‘you could feel the warmth of the Greek sun on your face whilst watching’. Each show includes food, history culture & to date is shown in 30 countries globally.

Tonia Is a regular contributor to ITV’s GMB & Lorraine shows, Channel Four’s Sunday Brunch & BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

She is a regular speaker at functions talking about Lifestyle, Food, Aging Ungracefully, Family & Life.


Tonia is a Classical History major and she loves her subject with a passion that is infectious. She is of Greek origin so the history is part of her roots and you feel that when she is presenting it. Whether it be the bravery of Achilles, the sadness of Socrates or the betrayal of Agamemnon; she brings them all to vivid life. She has formatted 5 Classical history shows and is in talks with Flame TV, Topical Television and various others in order to develop them more.

Tonia is often asked to comment on history programmes and was most recently on The History Channels’ Life & Death in Rome’. Another of her specialist subjects is the Olympic Games and she is developing ideas for the 2012 Olympics. Tonia has such vast and varied knowledge, whether it is sport, cooking, beauty, cars, history or just live chat she is animated and entertaining!


Having got to 50, Tonia has run the gauntlet on lifestyle. When she was in her 20’s she was the Face of Channel Health, she took part in Natural Bodybuilding competitions and triathlons. Tonia has in depth knowledge on health nutrition & alternative therapies. Since she has become a mother she has written many articles on pregnancy & motherhood. She published her first book in 1998 ‘Have a Baby and Look Better Than Ever’ which was about healthy pregnancy & positive pregnancy.

Now a at 50 Tonia is obsessed with looking good as she gets older. She often gets mistaken for someone a decade younger. So she is happy to share her secrets on good living to look & feel good.


Tonia has worked on many holiday shows for various channels including The Discovery Channel, Simply Holidays & Ginger TV. Tonia loves travelling and exploring new places and cultures. She often writes about her travels for various print & online magazines & her blog.